Can I live?

A Collaborative Mural for the IAC 2006, Toronto
Presented by
Ja In Us Art & B’Care India

This painting emphasizes our current battle against HIV/AIDS, one of the foremost Millennium Development Goals. It is a simple but emotional depiction of a child whose parents have become victims of AIDS – a child whose future is suddenly in jeopardy, produced by Mr. Surya Prakash Makarla, Director & Founder of B’Care India, and Javid Alibhai representing Ja-In-Us Art, Canada. The goal of the artists is to motivate conference participants to hold fast to the commitments they have made as well as their immediate responsibilities to fulfill current targets that will pave ways for the realization of the goals set by United Nations for the year 2015. The mural also attempts to reach out to couples to try to make their lives safe by being aware of the destruction that HIV/AIDS can inflict, as well as alert infected parents who may be ignorant of the fact that this deadly disease can be passed on to their infants. Finally, the mural intends to send a message to the world to save the destitute orphans affected and infected by the pandemic HIV/AIDS, since there is no argument that today’s youth, whether in the first or third world, are our future.

B'Care Fine Arts Initiative- An Initiative from Bill Clinton Center for AIDS Research & Education or B'Care India despite carrying Bill Clinton's name is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from Bill Clinton Foundation. It has begun 4 years ago and was registered on Dec. 1st, 2003 in Tirupathi, India (BIC 117 of 2003). Our mission is to prevent further transmission of HIV/AIDS in the global community through arts and cultural education as medium for AIDS awareness.

Ja-In-Us Art – A Toronto-based mural painting program facilitated by Javid Alibhai, working collaboratively with international and local NGOs as well as community-based organizations to empower youth through fine arts and life skills training. For more information about our current mural campaign, A Beautiful Struggle, please visit:

Sponsors of the Painting/ Mural – Ewa Zawadzka & Bart Zdanowicz, Canada
Subash Gupta Valiveti, USA

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