Here you will find descriptions and pictures from hiking in Japanese mountains.
Japan with mountains covering about 80% of its area can be a hiker's paradise. It's popular here and trails are everywhere. Some are easy and some can be really hard and dangerous. It is common for people to get lost in the mountains and even die. During winter, the mountains especially the high ones in central Japan can be really dangerous.

The mountains in Nagano prefecture probably get the most visitors and trails can be crowded especially during high seasons in spring and autumn. There are 130 000 000 people in this little country after all. The crowds on the trails don't make it feel like being in the wild deep in the mountain, but just outside of Tokyo city in one of the public parks. Surprisingly, most hikers are older people. It's actually amazing to see a 60 year old woman climbing a 2000m high mountains without much difficulty.

The high mountains of central Japan have huts that are managed between spring and autumn. It is possible to spend a night there and in some get something hot to eat.




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Mt. Nishimikabo (right in our backyard), '04
From Mt. Kumotori to Mt. Kobushige, '04
Mt. Fuji, '04
Mt. Ryogami, '03 & '04

Bruce Trail 'Sep. '06