bruce trail

Niagara Falls - St. Catharines, Sep., '06

In short, the hike was an overall disappointment with a few nice moments. Perhaps if we thought about it before we left and considered the location where the first stages of this trail are, we would've taken it much better. The fact is that we didn't and we blindly hoped for a wilderness trail just because it is Canada.

The forest or rather a narrow belt of trees in this highly populated part of Southern Ontario in which the trail path runs isn't bad at all, but the constant noise of the cars on a highway running next to it drove us crazy for 2 days and 1 night. Besides that it crosses busy roads and there is one section that runs for a few kilometres along a busy road that crosses the highway at some point. And, of course, almost every inch of the land here is private and the owners do let people know about it, but that's no news in Southern Ontario.

We should've imagined it and this is what we should expect more or less from the trail as far as Hamilton and even further until it gets away from all the highways and the cottage areas and finally enters wilderness. But that is 100s kilometres and a lot of stress away.

As for the trail itself as I mentioned earlier it is OK. It runs in the forest and it is very easy and safe. It's used by locals for short walks with their dogs. There are some interesting plants to be seen and even with the constant car noise we spotted some deer at one point and the usual little animals like chipmunks and squirrels.

And probably the best part of the 2-day hike was the evening in the tent and falling asleep to the 100s of different tunes played by the crickets at this time of the year. We were pretty tired, partly from the hiking and partly from the stress after walking with cars passing next to us and later trying to find a spot for camping. But when we finally succeeded in locating a spot in the corner of someone's backyard, jumped into the sleeping bags, laid our heads on the pillows and heard the symphony right outside of our tent window we were happy to be there.


hikes in japan

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